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Tax Credit

Accounting office in Poland

Are you running a business or planning to establish one? Do you need an accounting office in Poland? Tax Credit is the place for you. Thanks to our wide range of professionally provided accounting and financial services along with experienced accountants you will find that no other accounting office in Wroclaw will provide you with such professional and extensive service.

We are not a typical accounting office. We will not only manage your business’ accounting but also, thanks to our tax preparers, we will provide advice in the case of doubts related to taxes while running your company. Moreover, if you plan to run your enterprise abroad — we will make it easier! Regardless of whether you have already been running a business or you are starting out now, Tax Credit will support you in every matter. Leave the formalities to us and you’ll be able to fully devote yourself to your company development. If you are looking for an accounting office, choose Tax Credit. We’ll book your success!



Tax advisory services

Plan the safe development of your business by reducing the tax risks of current and future actions. Get supremacy by optimizing your tax burden.

Entrepreneur’s academy

Entrepreneur’s academy – how to create your own company step by step. Here you’ll find a base of advice that should be known by every young entrepreneur who wants to achieve success on the market.


We conduct online training for entrepreneurs and accountants. We share our knowledge based on practical examples that facilitate understanding of presented issues.

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Tax Credit
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ul. Świeradowska 75
50-559 Wrocław, Poland

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