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Polish legislation imposes a number of obligations on the entrepreneur, regarding the keeping of records of economic activities. The need to be familiar with many legal acts, combined with frequent changes to the law, is a high bar, especially for companies that are just starting their business. Trust your experience and entrust your own accounting to tax advisers and specialized accountants. Professional advice and knowledge will ensure your company's success.

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Scope of services

Our goal is to provide ongoing and continuous support for the entrepreneur’s activity, especially in the early stages of economic processes. We believe that avoiding errors is more effective than fixing them.

The scope of our service includes:

  • Keeping books of accounts or simplified records,
  • Representation before the Tax Office, including signing the declaration,
  • Keeping VAT registers,
  • Settlements with the tax office for VAT,
  • Determining CIT liabilities (advances, annual settlement),
  • Preparation of an annual report,
  • Reporting to the Central Statistical Office.

As part of accounting and tax services, we represent our clients before tax authorities and in proceedings regarding settlements entrusted to us.

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