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Comarch OPT!MA programme

The economic success of our Clients is the main measure of our own achievements. We believe that efficient administration and the resulting access to current and reliable information is the key to the economic success of entrepreneurs.

We offer our support during the purchase and implementation of enterprise management software. The proposed solutions are based on Comarch OPT!MA software.

Our offer is directed to small and medium-sized service and commercial companies.

Oprogramowanie Optima
Business software

About Comarch OPT!MA

Comarch OPT!MA programme supports the basic activity of enterprise, especially:

  • Invoicing, including handling cash registers,
  • Warehouse management,
  • Settlements with contractors, employees, offices,
  • Keeping employee documentation and calculating remuneration,
  • Handling of cash registers and bank accounts, including data imports and exports to electronic banking systems,
  • Records of fixed assets and equipment, calculation of depreciation and amortization.

Comarch OPT!MA software has the structure of an integrated modules system (Cash Register/Bank, trade, HR and payroll, Trade Book, etc.), as a result of which its purchase, implementation and subsequent exploitation are financially more favorable in comparison to non-integrated systems. The modular structure ensures the possibility of future development.

Additionally, Comarch OPT!MA software supports enterprise managing through the possibility of compiling and analyzing information about:

  • cash balance on individual accounts,
  • planned expenses/revenues to the selected account/book by category,
  • the list of the largest debtors and creditors,
  • compiling the costs of using private cars by tolls,
  • compiling the value of permanent assets by groups or categories,
  • sales by goods and contractors,
  • a list of best selling goods,
  • schedule of planned deliveries of goods,
  • warehouse indicators,
  • the costs by type of remunerations in a given period of time,
  • time and costs of contacts by contractors,
  • the most frequently used service parts,
  • and many others.

More about Comarch OPT!MA software can be found on Comarch websites.

Our support

Comarch OPT!MA implementations

We offer our support in:

Buying a licence

Proccess defining

Software configuration

Purchase of equipment, configuration of the network environment and data migration.

The software can be installed on individual computers in the Customer’s network environment, a terminal server provided by us. We discuss the cost and scope of implementation with each Client individually, taking into account the Client’s needs and the expected organizational structure.

Oprogramowanie Optima

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