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Tax advisory services in Poland

Tax optimization

Current tax advisory services

Taxes constitute one of the main burdens of economic activity for an entrepreneur, both in financial and organizational terms. For years, the risk of irregularities in tax settlements with the budget has been mentioned by entrepreneurs as one of the main threats to economic activity.

If you think that you need an advisor's support, please contact us today and make an appointment with the advisor in Wrocław. We offer you our support to minimize the foreseeable risks and to implement potential tax optimization.

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Scope of services

Our services in the field of ongoing tax consultancy include:

  • Developing tax opinions, interpretations and current explanations of tax regulations,
  • Tax planning, including both the development of a tax strategy and support in its implementation,
  • Indication of feasible tax optimization through the implementation of appropriate instruments of tax and balance sheet policy,
  • Tax analysis of contracts,
  • Preparation of declarations, applications and other tax applications,
  • Preparation of applications to the Minister of Finance for binding tax interpretations,
  • Informing about changes in tax regulations,
  • Analyses of selected tax issues.

We work on the basis of flat-rate contracts as well as one-off orders.

Tax documentation

We offer our support in the preparation of tax documentation, in particular documentation of transactions with related entities (TP documentation).

Structural consulting

As part of planning effective economic structures, we offer advice in the field of the optimal organizational and legal form for newly established entities and reorganization of existing enterprises, in particular consisting in:

  • Choosing the optimal legal form in terms of tax,
  • Choosing the optimal legal and organizational form in terms of administrative and tax burdens,
  • Support in enterprise restructuring processes, e.g. as a result of a change in the legal form, mergers and acquisitions, sale or purchase of shares and stocks, liquidation of activities, etc.

Tax reviews

We offer you comprehensive reviews of tax settlements in order to identify possible risks and possible tax optimization. Our services include the audit of procedures and tax documentation as well as a detailed analysis of selected areas of the company's activity, e.g.

  • Transactions,
  • Indicated tax,
  • Identified items of property.

As part of the review, we will show you the possibilities of reducing or eliminating the identified risks and implementing possible tax optimization.

Tax proceedings

We provide assistance in tax proceedings: verification activities, tax inspections and other proceedings before tax authorities and administrative courts. Our participation in tax proceedings may consist of:

  • Evidence analysis,
  • Developing an action strategy,
  • Representing the Client before tax authorities or administrative courts,
  • Preparation of pleadings,
  • Analysing the proceedings in terms of the possibility of continuing them or resuming the proceedings concluded with decisions.

Opinions about the tax center in Wrocław are widely available. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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