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International tax advisory services in Poland

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International accounting

If your company is planning transactions with foreign entities or is considering starting a business abroad, we offer you our services including international accounting, support in assessing the tax consequences of planned/undertaken activities.

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Scope of services

International accounting is the speciality of our coworkers. They specialize in transactions with entities from other EU countries and issues of German tax law.

Our international accounting includes the following activities:

  • The analysis of international transactions and their impact on taxation in Poland and abroad,
  • Consultancy and support in the field of VAT taxation of intra-community transactions,
  • Consultancy for the application of the regulations of international agreements and conventions on the prevention of double taxation of income and property,
  • Consultancy in the field of documentation concerning applied transfer pricing,
  • Ongoing tax consultancy and support for tax settlements in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Do you transfer goods to Germany or maybe you sell them there? Do you provide construction or passenger transport services? You may be subject to German VAT! Read our information about German VAT obligations for foreign entrepreneurs.

We will establish your tax obligations in Germany, and if necessary, we will guide your company through VAT registration with the German tax office and provide you with all support to meet your tax obligations in German VAT.

Entrepreneurs having a place of residence or registered office in Poland, transferring goods to German entrepreneurs or providing services for them, are not required to register for VAT in Germany, and thus settle VAT in Germany on the above sale.

However, there are exceptions for this particular rule.

Mandatory registration for VAT is subject to e.g. foreign entrepreneurs who:

  • make mail order sales from abroad for the benefit of non-entrepreneurs, the value of which exceeded EUR 100,000 in the calendar year
  • provide construction services in Germany for non-entrepreneurs
  • provide passenger transport services in Germany
  • import goods into the customs territory of the European Community, the release of which for free circulation (so-called customs clearance) takes place on the territory of Germany
  • they transfer their own goods to the territory of Germany for storage
  • they move goods purchased in other member countries of the European Union to the territory of Germany
  • they deliver goods from the territory of Germany, i.e. the sale of goods that are located in the territory of Germany at the time of commencement of shipment or transport
  • are recipients of construction services provided by foreign subcontractors
  • have a permanent establishment in Germany through which they partially or fully conduct their business activities.

Foreign entrepreneurs against whom tax obligation concerning VAT was established in Germany are subject to mandatory VAT registration in Germany and are required to submit monthly VAT returns and annual VAT returns by 31.05 of the following year.

Our tax advisers will provide you with detailed information on possible obligations in German VAT and other obligations related to international accounting.

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