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VAT refund from abroad in Poland

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How to regain the refund of foreign VAT in Poland?

How to regain the refund of foreign VAT, where we made transactions concerning fuel, highways, hotel services, restaurant services or other payments related to the activity regulated in the EU countries? Contact us by phone or email. We encourage you to send us purchase documents copies — on their basis we will prepare a free analysis of the possibility of regaining VAT refund paid abroad and a calculation of the expected return.

Zwrot VAT z zagranicy

Procedure for the refund of foreign VAT

  1. Please contact the consultant who will present the offer and send the necessary forms:
    helpline: 71 794 66 74
    e-mail: [email protected]
  2. After receiving the purchase documents our consultant will verify the received documents and prepare an application for the refund of foreign VAT (VAT-REF),
  3. The application for the refund of foreign VAT is forwarded by a tax adviser to the appropriate tax office.
  4. Our consultants monitor the process of the tax refund in a foreign tax office.
  5. After receiving the positive application verification by a foreign tax authority, the bank transfer goes from a foreign tax office directly to the bank account indicated by the Client.
  6. In the case of a negative decision, we prepare an appeal in agreement with the Client.

If regaining the refund of foreign VAT seems involved to you, please contact us! Our fee consists of a standing charge and a straight commission method depending on the positive result of the case.

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